Various Types of Kratom Strains and Their Effects

Kratom is a form of holistic medicine from the ancient people of Southeast Asia. People dry the leaves and other parts of the kratom tree and make them into a variety of forms for the user to swallow.

There are many different types of kratom, each with their own specific effects and health benefits. This guide will help you figure out which type of kratom is best for you.
Types of Kratom

There are a few different types of kratom strains available to consumers. The categorization of strains has to do with the appearance of the kratom leaf. The coloration of the leaf veins is the categorizing characteristic.

Strain types can be further subdivided into more than these broad categories. However, this has more to do with the geographic location in which the kratom was grown, rather than the physiological characteristics of the trees themselves.

The veins of a kratom leaf are either red, green, or white. These are the main categories of kratom varieties available on the market today. To buy products made from any of these varieties, visit The Kratom connection:
Red Vein Kratom

Kratom strains with red vein tend to be more relaxing. They are also known to relieve pain and create an increased sense of well-being in the user. They are one of the most popular kratom strains on the market.

Red vein kratom leaves come from immature plants and are processed while drying with plenty of sunlight. Examples of geographically-specific kratom varieties with red veins include Red Thai, Red Sumatra, and Borneo Red.
Kratom with white veins

White kratom varieties produce a stimulating effect. This creates a heightened sense of alertness and an abundance of energy in the user. White Kratom strains have a pungent, acquired taste that can overwhelm new users. They are also very potent.

White-vein leaves come from immature trees and are processed with minimal sunlight. Examples of geographically-specific white-vein varieties include White Sumatra and Borneo White.
Green-veined kratom

Kratom varieties with green veins are the intermediate variety that balances and mellows the effects of the other varieties. Varieties with green veins produce a mild stimulating effect on consumers. This effect is far less stimulating than that produced by white varieties.

They are also useful in relieving pain, easing anxiety, and increasing the user’s sense of well-being. This combination of effects makes them an interesting middle ground between the other two types of kratom.

Green vein leaves come from mature kratom plants and are first processed indoors without sunlight. After this initial indoor processing, they are brought outside and immersed in the sun’s rays.

Examples of geographically-specific varieties with green veins include Pontianak Green Horn, Green Thai, and Malaysian Green.
Mix and match

These different categories of kratom varieties all have their own beneficial uses. Try all the different types of kratom or mix and match to meet your individual needs. This way, you can find the ideal plant for your lifestyle.


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