UN Scholarships and Research Grants

Founded after World War II, the United Nations is the world’s largest and best-known, as well as most powerful, intergovernmental organization whose purpose is to maintain international peace and security, promote friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation, and prevent future wars.

The United Nations consists of six main institutions: the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the International Court of Justice, the General Assembly, the Trusteeship Council, and the UN Secretariat.

The UN system includes a variety of specialized agencies and programs such as the World Food Program, the World Health Organization, the World Bank Group, the United Nations International, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

United Nations governments and agencies, in collaboration with educational institutions and non-governmental organizations, offer scholarships and research grants to LDC nationals, fellowships for graduate studies, travel grants to attend academic conferences, research grants to conduct research projects, and more.

United Nations Scholarships and Grants for International Students:
Students from around the world can easily achieve their educational and study goals with United Nations scholarship packages and study grants.

Programs and Scholarships:
There are many grants and scholarship programs offered by the organization that gives all overseas students a chance to achieve their dream such as:

Berkeley Law School LDC Fellowships:

The University of Berkeley School of Law offers Berkeley Law School LDC Fellowships to eligible outstanding students who have been accepted to their LL.M. and come from the least developed countries.

Receiving a tuition credit of $20,000 is available to students who are residents and citizens of one of the least developed countries.

The fellowship was specifically awarded to students from the least developed countries such as Malawi, Nepal, Uganda, Haiti, Bangladesh, Liberia, Myanmar, and Sierra Leone.

The IPCC Scholarship Program:

The IPCC Fellowship aims to improve understanding of climate change in developing countries by providing opportunities for young scientists from developing countries to conduct studies that would not be possible without the Fund’s participation.

OWSD Scholarship for Female Students:

Sponsored by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, this scholarship is designed to provide financial support to female students from sub-Saharan Africa and least developed countries who wish to pursue their postgraduate education leading to a Ph.D. outside their own country.

UNESCO/Republic of Korea Scholarship Program:

The Government of the Republic of Korea, together with UNESCO, awards 25 fellowships annually for a period of two months with the aim of strengthening human resources and building national capacity in the least developed countries in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific region to conduct research or attend a training course in the Republic of Korea.

UNITAR Fellowships for Diplomatic Training:

The Multilateral Diplomacy Program is a program that offers scholarships to citizens of the least developed countries to attend e-learning courses. Scholarships are awarded based on experience and professional relevance in the field of international diplomacy, personal motivation, and relevant academic background.

General Admission Criteria:
Applicants can find the specific admission criteria by selecting the desired scholarship program on the official website of each program.

General conditions also include:

Candidates must be from eligible countries specific to the selected scholarship program.
Candidates must have a background in the intended program of study.
Candidates must demonstrate excellent academic and leadership qualities, which will
Increase the chance of selection
Applicant must be fluent in the language of the study program.
UN Scholarship Application Process:
To apply for the 2020 UN Scholarships and Research Fellowships, the applicant must verify eligibility for one of the programs and then apply through the website provided for each of the scholarship programs.

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