3 Amazing Benefits of Using an Electric Wheelchair

Reliability, comfort, safety. Are these important to you? Do you value them for yourself? If you had the opportunity to improve the quality of your life, would you do it?

These are qualities we look for in many things. A home, a relationship, etc. But have you applied them to the use and capabilities of your wheelchair? Would you use these words to describe your current wheelchair?

Think about what your current wheelchair prevents you from doing today. Read on to find out if you are missing out on the benefits of an electric wheelchair. Or if power wheelchairs are in your near future.

1. safety

Manual wheelchairs can be exhausting. Someone has to use their muscles to keep the chair moving. This can cause serious fatigue, whether for the person in the chair or someone else pushing the chair.

By switching to a power wheelchair, the ability to walk further becomes available for longer. This is especially true when it comes to inclines or hills, which are difficult for anyone.

Electric wheelchairs not only prevent fatigue, but also allow the user more freedom and independence.

There are some factors that make electric wheelchairs much safer than manual wheelchairs. For example, the brakes. Manual wheelchairs can often accidentally unlock and begin to roll.

This can easily become a dangerous situation as control is lost. In electric wheelchairs, this is centralized in a joystick located directly on the chair.

2. prevent injuries

In addition to the safety that motorized breaks provide, the electric wheelchair also has physical benefits. Using a manual wheelchair can cause wear and tear on shoulder muscles over time. Using a power wheelchair completely eliminates this risk.

3. easier transportation

Another advantage of the power wheelchair is the convenience of transportation. Most motorized chairs today can be broken down into smaller parts, making travel and transportation easier and faster.

Similar to the fold-ability of power wheelchairs, they also offer a wider range of comfort. The ability to recline and have padding in a wheelchair is perfect if you are looking for optimal comfort.

On top of all these factors, a wheelchair prescribed by a doctor can be covered by insurance or Medicare. The lack of funds is the main reason why electric wheelchairs are not so widely available.

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